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Case Study: Business Management Tools

To help improve our efficiency we have undertaken the construction of our own complex internal management system. This is using the Kaizen approach of continuous improvement; as new requirements, ideas and possibilities arise we are able to implement them into this system.


This software is tailored to our needs, all with the aim of improving our level of service & efficiency. We’re not just talking about a standard off the shelf CRM, it handles much more than just our customer relations. It’s more of a complete Business Management Tool. Using APIs from both 3rd party suppliers and our own software tools we are able to link this system into a wide variety of uses. This includes pulling data from and sending data to our domain management, support ticket, customer management and invoicing systems.


We know that with software like this it will never be truly finished. There will always be something new which should be added to it or improved upon. And we find the same applies to any custom management systems we develop for our customers.
No matter how well thought out the initial specification may be you can be sure you’ve overlooked a great idea.
Fortunately we attempt to develop all of our software in such a modular fashion that if a customer wants to come back to us 6 months after their system launched, with a list of new ideas and improvements, we’d be happy to look at it and create a pathway for a “Version 2”, without having to start again from scratch! Provided the foundations are solid you can build on top of what you already have.

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