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Case Study: Football Coaching Shop

Brand New E-commerce Website for Brand New Company

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In the end of 2012 we were approached by Jenny - Football Coaching Supplies (FCS) business owner and asked to provide web e-commerce platform which would allow her to expand her company’s online operations. Up to this moment FCS online operations were based mainly on eBay infrastructure.


Available online infrastructure was very limited. Ground work started. Research on domain names and branding started. Based on comprehensive data Jenny made an executive decision to create a new brand - Football Coaching Shop (FCS). We supported all design and development of brand and online infrastructure using in the process trendy “voltage cherry” colour to allow the website to stand out from others.


From operations point of view it was important for FCS to deliver efficiency in operations. Knowing limited human resources of the company we were asked to provide system which will be fast and clear to operate with as many automated features as possible. The main areas we had to look after were:

  • Product management
  • Sales and discount offers management
  • After sale communication with clients.

It was also crucial to craft system the way it will be safe for customers and will deliver a good customer experience, especially when their purchase is not possible to complete online. In this respect we had to also create a good lead generator system on the top of the fully automated check-out process. All this on limited budget resources as we are talking about an online start up business.

In the meantime, on the top of the whole system creation, Absowebly were asked to provide low level online marketing campaigns for FCS. The main emphasis was put on use of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques.


Provided Solutions:

Online business setup including logo, domain names research and hosting was set up from scratch, Absowebly’s head designer Paul worked with Jenny of FCS to create look and feel required by her company. As there was no additional budget for usability testing in real customer base environment, we had to use a series of internal tests to fix possible usability issues. At this point specialists from three departments: online marketing, web design and web development were involved to make sure we had an acceptable initial UGI (User Graphic Interface).

Because of very bold colours used in the company branding, process had to be tweaked to ensure all colour psychology and interface visibility is not standing on the way to final purchase. Balance between check out steps and required information from customers is crucial to create safe, and at the same time, quick system. In these circumstances choice was simple, modular build of Top-Content CMS gave us flexibility to work with other providers and create environment both secure and fast for FCS customers.

Areas in the website admin system of the e-commerce module have been crafted to create easy to manage lists of leads and customers, as well as allowing for a minimal amount of initial product data input.

We used double connection to payment gateways, using both PayPal and SagePay which gave users more options during payment cycle. All compliance with government regulations is simplified by outsourcing payment gateway to major players on the market this secures FCS against PCI DSS compliance

Online marketing project gave us another platform to develop extra features. By default Top-Content CMS contains a lot of Search Engines friendly features which make modules have been equipped with additional tools which work very well with our team search engine marketing professionals. Features like Google Shopping feeds, additional indexing fields, improved internal linking systems and content optimisation tools make this young website more agile than long running competitors.



We were conscious that to meet all of the requirements for this project was a tough task, even for Top-Content which is positioned as one of the most advanced and flexible modular CMS systems out there. However we involved all our crucial departments which allowed us to create holistic picture for project development and implementation. Our reply to requirements was simple in use and efficient system which allowed one person to manage otherwise complex and time consuming tasks with order and enquiry processing.

From administration side of the platform, we knew we hit all the targets when we learned about possible open leads. Our targets for commercial consumer side of the system were ambitious:

  1. Within 6 weeks achieve organic search engines listings for all product pages with traffic registered in on all of them
  2. Get ROI (Return On Investment) figures from online sales above 1:4 in the first 6 weeks of the full system release
  3. Improve through website and usability conversion rates three months in a row. With starting conversion rate on the level of 3%

All natural listings were achieved thanks to integral online marketing management system which allowed for holistic approach to functional marketing elements like SEO features and linking structure. Feedback from the project lead developer (Richard) allowed us to identify weaker areas in SEO structure and cooperation between online marketing departments and development department created straight forward check out process which resulted in first month conversions on the level of 3%.

Website has now been put onto conversion optimisation service and data is now analysed every month - resulting in constant improvements to the system. This is especially important in market place where most customers are B2B customers. With a view of repeating orders FCS decided to put in an extra effort to improve experience and create special bond with their potential customer base. Thanks to the initial success more services have been ordered to create more complex marketing techniques.


Customer Testimonial

We sell top brand football agility training equipment to professionals. Absowebly provides us with technology and advice which allowed us to be more agile then our competitors. Unique web system which includes online marketing services and ecommerce platform allows for our business expansion.

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