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Why Design?

The solution to a projects success can lie in asking questions which will only arise during a Design Process. We believe that these questions asked, and the decisions made, affect not just the projects look & feel but also how fit for purpose it is and thus how well it completes its goals.


Our design process involves various different stages, including:

  • Project Guideline & Internal Brief Creation
  • Content Analysis
  • Visuals Production
  • User Experience Review

For each stage different questions are aired, discussed and mulled over. Some of these question might not have been in the foremost thoughts of the client, some only seem to impact aspects of styling and layout; but taken together and with due consideration can positively effect a project.

Most of these questions fall into two broad categories:
Decisions Which Effect Information Hierarchy, Order And Structure
As an example - all modern website rely on the entering, querying and manipulation of data stored on server databases. To make this process as efficient as possible content needs to be categorised and structured. This analysis when done in respect to how this data is to be displayed within the webpage layout can create a more streamlined system for database creation and help smooth the subsequent process of data entry via a Content Management System.

Decisions Which Create Emotional Impact For The Project
During Brief Creation, relevant markets are researched and questions how best the project could fit, or diverse, from the markets current styles are discussed. These discussions are made visual during the Visuals Production stage, where layouts are tested and presented to the client before any content data structures are tied down. Large changes can be made here, quickly and efficiently. Sometimes vital content would have been identified as absent and questions of how it could be created are made.

We are a Client friendly company and know you hold valuable insights into your business and we actively encourage your participation throughout the design process. If you have a project for digital display and would like our help in achieving your goals, please use the quick contact form for initial contact, or just call us on 0208 941 5151.


  • Corporate
  • Small Business
  • Micro-sites
  • Web apps
  • E-commerce shops
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Email Newsletters
  • Monthly templates
  • Seasonal one-offs
Online Image Adverts
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Site take-overs
  • Campaign concepts
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Social Media
  • Covers & Profiles
Motion Graphics
  • Title screens
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