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Resources for ETOA Showcase .travel digital

On 30/09 we are taking part in ETOA event for the very first time.

To help organise your notes after meetings we decided to open this resource centre to allow easier post- meeting communication with Absowebly.

Resources will be linked and available from Friday 03/10/2014 they will be online up to 31/10/2014

This centre allows you to explore our key services for Travel industry which we presented durig ETOA Showcase .Travel Digital event

Effective Websites for Travel:

- B2B professional website - ideal for travel business services

- E-commerce/Online Booking - For Hotels, Travel companies

- Specialist websites - Tour Operators and Coach companies websites

- Mobile

- Web project creation - procedures

Online advertising:

- img4ads model

- video advertising

- Managing PPC

- Modern search engine optimisation (SEO)

- Effective measuring success

Web software for travel companies

- CRM and Online Check In

- Forums and Community hubs

- Online competition mechanisms


Regular SEO and Google Analytics Updates confuse even search engine professionals.

To track changes in this area we organise regular seminars.

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