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Double Opt-In - E-marketing Verification (Client Side)

It is all about consent these days.

In this case, how about sending a verification email to your database asking all contacts to re-subscribe to your e-marketing?

What if they won't re-subscribe?!


It depends on interpretation and your situation what actions are required based on GDPR changes in relation to your database. However, we strongly believe that double opt-in process could validate and verify your database. How strict this verification is it depends on the message that you include in your double opt-in email and on actions that you re going to take after analysing feedback from this email campaign.

You have several options here.


The text of your message:

a) open text without opt-out action equal to the voluntary opt-in. A click on that option could confirm a particular person is highly interested in your services (VIP)

b) defined text in the form of boolean logic. You are in click button, or you are out - a definite answer

or many other options


Report data

if your text was open-ended and not defined as a definite opt-in or you won't receive massages your opportunities to interpret your data are endless.

You could for example

a) remove all who did not re-subscribe

b) resend to all who did not open

c) remove only records that were not active on two consecutive emails

or decided to do something else.


An example of the double opt in message:

Double opt in message

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