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Hosting & Domain Services

For your website to be visible online, its files (web pages, images, templates etc.) need to be hosted on a web server which is accessible across the Internet. When someone then types your domain name into their web browser, they are connecting to this web server and viewing those files. Without web hosting, your website would not be visible online.


With our standard business hosting services, we take care of any security updates needed, we take regular backups (although always recommend you keep a copy yourself too when possible) and we include basic support & configuration help.


Although you can choose to host your website with a 3rd party provider, this is not something we would generally recommend & is something we're unable to provide full support for. Also, because of licencing & security update restrictions, as well as server configuration requirements, we're unable to install or run our Content Management or eCommerce Systems on 3rd party servers.


We register & manage domain names, dealing with pretty much any TLD extension. The domain name is the address somebody types into their web browser to access your website, for example our domain name is "".

Our standard management service includes handling any DNS updates & ICANN requirements, we'll also setup web forwarding for any additional/supporting domains.

You can choose to register your domain through a 3rd party provider if you choose, however you will be required to make changes to the DNS settings for this domain yourself, which some people find a little scary.


Bespoke Hosting Solutions

We offer a full range of bespoke hosting solutions that can be tailored to your companies needs


  • SSL & Extended Validation SSL. Especially important when handling private user details or online payments.
  • Balanced Hosting. Your website is spread across 2 or more servers in multiple geographical locations. So if anything happens to one, or if scheduled maintenance is needed, your website will still be accessible.
  • IP Failover. Can be used in conjunction with balanced hosting or as a separate service. When a server does go down or experiences difficulties, your domain can be automatically pointed to another server. Minimising the effect of any downtime

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