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Online Advertising Technology

We are spending enormous amounts of time and fair amount of budget to create commercially effective marketing models and to create technology platforms which allow your marketing to perform better than competitors. R&D and it's commercial implementation makes our technology unique and allows us on client side to create the highest possible effects for the available budget.

Among our tools we have two model algorithms we use for working with clients on time demanding projects.

We created them to cut budgets and to bring schedules to managable form. Our web software also provides great way of tracking your advertising effects and together these systems make an impact on project development and performance:


  • Our tracking systems allow for accurate multiple referral tracking, so you know your customer starting and closing advertising reference and you are aware about your customer online jurney from visitor to client
  • Our advertising implementation model IMG4Ad gives you chance to manage image advertising campaigns in a very fast and effective way


  • Project management via Adsowebly is simple and to the point, giving space for all necessery elements of cooperatrion agency - client


Current Situation Assessment and Data Analysis >>

Prioritised Communication >>

Development >>

Better Exposure to Potential Customers >>

More Engagement with Potential Market >>

Higher Sales or other conversions >>

Clear Reporting with Goals allocation >>


This model is based on 4 loops which interlock with each other, securing your strong position on the market. Our holistic approach to marketing allows for smooth implementation of the system, it depends on the size of your operations and role of the online world in your business, as well as impact and maturity of your brand. This modular system can expand and give:

a) Higher return on investment (ROI)

b) Coherent online marketing structures and foundations

c) As far as possible “Immunity” from third party uncertain decisions (ie. Google algorithm updates)


Please have a look how this technology helped others


To get started using Absowebly technology in your online marketing project please contact us on 02089 415151

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