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E-mail Marketing Campaigns and Company Newsletters

E-mail marketing campaigns and newsletters can be very accurate and persuasive for your customers. If your email marketing is done correctly you can make connection with your client and supplier base and you can keep good relationships. The important part here is to distance your company from spammers and scammers and distinguish your newsletters from others. There are many ways to do it and as long as you create professional approach with some added value for customers you can be sure your campaigns will be successful.


7 points to keep your E-mail marketing successful:

  1. Allow to easily capture data when customers visit your website.
  2. Always keep your customer database up-to-date.
  3. Give the option of plain text or HTML e-mail version to subscribers.
  4. Keep it simple and always add value to your marketing to encourage sharing and forwarding.
  5. Think about frequency of your communication - it must be relevant to what you say - don't over do it.
  6. Analyse feedback and improve.
  7. Based on feedback go as granular as possible with your pitch.


Our email marketing services include:

  • Setting up emarketing infrastructure (setup data capturing mechanisms on your website).
  • Design of & setting up a template for your e-card, e-newsletter or email campaign.
  • Creating publishing tools for e-newsletters.
  • Reviewing your database and creating subscription lists from your database, validating data for anti spam purposes.
  • Sending out campaigns / newsletters.
  • Pulling data about your campaign/newsletter performance.
  • Analysing feedback data for further improvements.


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