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Hummingbird SEO and Google Analytics Update Seminar - December 2013

Hummingbird – Google Update
“Hummingbird” is the name Google has given to its new search algorithm which it started using a couple of months ago.

Over the next few years this update will influence more and more searches which are diverting traffic to your website. There are new elements and new opportunities to explore in 2014 search marketing. Integrated marketing proved to be the most efficient form of marketing and now Google tries to implement this same approach in to search marketing, going another step forward towards making search online more semantic.

Google Analytics Update
Over the last two years Google has changed a lot of its services and now introduces a more secure and visually driven interface for their users. One of the services broadly used by web specialists and website owners which has changed significantly over last months is the Google Analytics interface. Making it more compatible with the Hummingbird update Google tries to divert our focus to different areas, adding new features & introducing new ways to check & use the available data. These long expected changes addressing to some degree the “not provided” keywords issue which is an effect of 'safe search' introduction (all organic searches through https) and stripped most basic data about keywords used by visitors to access their website from Google Analytics users.


Hummingbird SEO and Google Analytics Update Seminar

Absowebly Web Clinic

We understand keeping up with technology updates is difficult. To help explain these changes, and explore how you can use them to your benefit, we will be holding a special seminar. This seminar will cover what the Hummingbird update includes, why Google has done it and tips on what you can do to benefit from it.

We will reveal benefits and possible differences. We will show you what to use and how to use it to make your search marketing more impactful in 2014 and up to date with current trends.

Analysing your campaign effectiveness is always on the agenda. During meetings we are always asked about data mining and interpretation. Recently implemented fundamental changes to Google Analytics and Search infrastructure give us better understanding how people behave. There are always questions from our customers about how potential customers are approaching their websites, we will look at the new Google Analytics interface & how you can analyse the data they now provide.


If you are interested in your website performance and you want to know more about your website activity - this is the ideal seminar for you!



  • What knowledge graph is and how it impacts search behaviour

  • The main features of the Hummingbird update

  • What to do to make your online infrastructure more visible on search engines in 2014

  • How to read your website data in 2014 using Google Analytics

  • What you can get get from Google Analytics (Reports, Reports, Reports)


To find out more or reserve your seat, use the quick contact form to the right or e-mail


To get the most from this seminar you will need a basic understanding of Google Analytics & how SEO works.

Normal Pricing is £115+vat per delegate. However, new & existing Absowebly clients attend for free*

* Limited to 1 delegate per client, terms & conditions apply.

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