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Have you checked how your website looks on a mobile device?

Smart phone usage is on the rise, currently 58% of the UK population own such a device and these account for around 25% of the total traffic to websites.

If your website is not optimised for mobile or tablet, then there's a risk you could be losing some of these visitors.

Our Current Offer:

Free Mobile Analysis of your Website

  • Analysis of the Mobile & Tablet Traffic you currently receive
  • Current Mobile Performance & Speed Tests
  • Review of Mobile & Tablet Usability

We will also provide you with a full idea on how much it could cost to have your website mobile optimised.

Get in touch & we'll discuss your mobile website options.


> Do I need a mobile optimised website?

It become essentiall for e-commerce businesses to invest in mobile friendly web solutions. Since we had Summer data available earlier this month you could discover for a very first time number of purchases on mobile devices (52%) exceeded activity on laptops and PCs (48%). If you actively use twitter to promote your business, or if you are a high street business, then we highly recommend making your website as user friendly as possible for mobile users.

> How long have you been building mobile websites for?
We have been designing & building mobile optimised websites since 2011, when the technology was just emerging. This gives us a wealth of experience on what does & doesn't work.

We provide companies with diffrent solutions which are either put on the top of their current web operations or we create systems from scratch.

> What about a mobile "App"?

There's a lot of misconceptions over mobile websites & mobile apps. They each have their uses & can play a key role in your business. Get in touch if you would like to discuss what you may need & we'll give our honest opinion over which is the best route for your business.

> How many mobile / tablet visits does my website currently receive?

We can help analyse your website stats to see which devices users are using to view your website and how these different groups behave.

You can then use this information to make the best informed decision on mobile.

> What's involved in making a website "mobile optimised"?

There's lots of different techniques which we use. This can include incorporating "responsive design", using mobile specific templating which considers touch areas and reducing website file sizes/response times.

> How much will it cost?

We analyse each website to see what would be needed to make it mobile friendly. This can be impacted by the website layout, the age of the website, the functionality on the website & the target audience.
As each website & business is unique, there's not always a one solution suits all. We can provide mobile solutions ranging from £120+vat to £2,000+vat

* Offer subject to limited availability. Offer will only be valid on orders placed before 17:00 on Thursday 17th April. Standard terms & conditions apply.